Acid refluks: Možete dobiti reljef


Ne postoji niti jedna osoba koja je sigurna od refluksa kiseline. This painful condition affects more than 33 posto Amerikanaca. Čudno je da sve više ljudi ne znaju kako postupati jer je tako uobičajeno danas. You can treat your acid reflux by using the tips in this article.

Vaš prehrane stil može dovesti na refluks kiseline. It’s not uncommon to bolt your food quickly and to excess. Eating this way is just going to worsen your symptoms. Pazite da jedete samo dok više ne budete gladni. U Dodatku, you should eat slower. Chew slowly, and even go so far as to lay down the fork every so often.

Uzmite svoj unos tekućine između obroka, umjesto dok jedete. Doing this also combats feelings of hunger, since you’re probably thirsty rather than hungry. Također, acid is less likely to come up via the esophagus when you do not drink during meals.

If you’re suffering from acid reflux while sleeping, try putting a wedge below your mattress. It raises up your head, keeping symptoms from increasing. A book, piece of wood or something else that is similarly shaped will also do the trick. You can also get a bed that is raised electronically.

Keep track of the foods you eat so you know what causes your acid reflux issues. Most acid reflux sufferers find that certain foods trigger their acid reflux. Once you’ve identified your trigger foods, you can avoid them and start to feel better.

Vježba može biti teško nakon što jesti ako imate refluks kiseline. When lower abdominal muscles tighten during a work out, this can lead to food moving back into the esophagus. Wait a couple of hours after you eat before doing any physical activity.

Elevating the top of your bed can help. Use anything from books to bricks to increase the incline. The head should be raised about six inches or so. You can stop stomach acid from rising into your esophagus by elevating your chest and head during sleep.

Gubitak kilograma definitivno vam može pomoći u borbi protiv refluksa kiseline. Obesity is capable of causing acid reflux. Losing just ten percent of your total weight will reduce acid reflux symptoms significantly. Weight loss ought to be achieved through small meals, not through crash diets.

Sudjelujte u umjerenim vježbama svaki dan. Moderation is key to making this work. Working out excessively can irritate the stomach and cause acids to rise into the esophagus. A better approach is lower impact exercises like moderate walking. Ovakve vježbe osiguravaju gravitaciju potrebnu za probavu. Finally, exercise can help you shed some pounds. A healthy body weight is another great way to relieve your acid reflux.


Trudnice ponekad iskustvo refluksa kiseline, zbog pritiska trudnoće na želucu. If this might be your case, consult a physician for appropriate remedies, in particular for later trimesters.

Lose weight if you’re heavy. Carrying excessive pounds, particularly in the midsection, can make acid reflux worse. It could cause stomach acid to rise up into the esophagus. This is what causes discomfort and harm to your esophageal liner. Staying healthy and exercising will help immensely.

Ako ste pretili, try losing those extra pounds. Acid reflux can be exacerbated by too much weight. By applying excessive pressure to your abdominal area, it makes you more prone to heartburn. Stoga, lose some weight, even just a few pounds, in order to relieve your acid reflux.

A smart way to avoid heartburn is to take your time at meals, eating slowly and pausing between bites to give your stomach time to digest. Give yourself time to really enjoy your meal. Overeating can inflame acid reflux, so have smaller meals and stop eating when you feel full.

Avoid eating spicy foods in the evening if you suffer from acid reflux. Mexican food is one to avoid, as it contains a lot of acid reflux causing ingredients. Consuming spicy foods can not only spark acid reflux, but can dry out your skin and cause indigestion, adding to your level of discomfort.

If you don’t want to have acid reflux in the evening, don’t eat in the three hours preceding your bedtime. Smetnje aktivira svoj probavni sustav. Then your stomach produces acid to digest the food. Don’t eat close to bedtime. This will help you avoid having excess acids in your stomach when you lie down.

When you suffer from acid reflux you want to avoid carbonated beverages and coffee. kola, crni čaj i kava kiseline vaš želudac ne treba. U Dodatku, they damage your stomach lining, causing further pain. Stick to green tea, which can have a soothing effect.

Acid reflux affects millions of people. If you are one of those people, it’s time to take the initiative to address your problem. Put the tips above to good use and you will soon be living a life without pain from acid reflux.